The Child Safety Device for Windows and Balcony Doors

Patented World Innovation Ensures Greater Security for Children

Our children are the most precious possession in the world. Therefore, parents and adults are particularly responsible for the protection of children. Especially, at the time when the little ones are curious and wish to explore the world and seek new sensations we need to be extremely careful. Only our supervision can avoid accidents.

The Austrian company ISI SAFE GmbH has developed and patented a child safety device for plastic windows and balcony doors, which is a new first on the world market.

The ISI SAFE child safety device is suitable for:

  • windows
  • balcony doors
  • tilted balcony doors

Make Your Windows Safe for Children

We often learn from the media about children falling out of windows. Our obvious reaction to such tragic news must be to ensure maximum protection for children in our houses as well as in institutions for the young. Make sure that, near the windows, there are no objects, such as chairs, armchairs, sofas, and beds, onto which kids can climb and then pass to the windowsill. If the child has access to the window and can open it, then it may fall out of it, because children cannot often correctly estimate height.

High Center of Gravity and Curiosity are Risk Factors for Children

The center of gravity of chidren is higher that that of adults, because the head and the upper part of the body of a child is heavier than the other part of the body. The higher center of gravity combined with unsatiable curiousity and easy access to windows and balcony doors that can be easily opened presents a great potential danger and may lead to a tragic accident! To avoid this happening, the ISI SAFE child safety device blocks windows and balcony doors in tilted or fully closed state.

ISI SAFE is the "Guardian Angel" for Your Kids

The ISI SAFE system lets windows and balcony doors be tilted so as to ensure room ventilation, but prevent them from being fully opened. You can also lock windows and balcony doors in their closed state. Thus, your child is accident-safe during the time when you cannot observe it, for example, when you are away or asleep.


  • Protects children from falling out of windows.
  • Offers protection for closed and tilted windows as well as balcony and patio doors
  • Straightforward, tool-free fitting: no drilling, screwing or bonding necessary!
  • Straightforward, tool-free removal
  • No damage to windows or doors
  • successfully tested by the TUV Austria (TUV is the Union of Engineering Supervisors of Austria)
  • 3-fold-interlocking system certified by TUV Austria
  • Consists of high quality, partially fibre glass reinforced polyamide
  • Provides a two-year warranty.

  • ISI SAFE blocks vertically positioned window and door handles and is suitable for most wooden, plastic, and aluminium windows and balcony doors.
  • ISI SAFE allows fixing twist handles of windows and balcony doors in the "up" position (for ventilation) or in the "down" position (for closing). Thus, the child cannot fully open the window or door.
  • The ISI SAFE safety loop is doubly fixed: to unblock the handle, one must press simultaneously on two fixing buttons.

In this video, you can see the mounting process for the ISI SAFE child safety device step by step:


Each ISI SAFE set comes in an individual branded packaging. It contains detailed and easy-to-understand mounting instructions in Russian and English.

Contact us:

ISI SAFE representative office in Russia


TIN: 7729711140

For English-speaking and German-speaking customers: 8 (916) 691 8678


For wholesalers:

Представительство ISI SAFE в России: ООО «ИЗИ СЕЙФ РУС»
ОГРН: 1127746406754; ИНН: 7729711140
119571 Москва, Ленинский проспект, 119А
Горячая линия ISI SAFE: +7 (925) 005 30 52, +7 (499) 951 48 40

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